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Products labelled sustainable or green sometimes come with a certain stigma. On one hand, they’re great for the planet and it’s inhabitants, but on the other hand there is often an expectation that performance will somehow be compromised.

Supercart Mini Hybrid made with 100% recycled Australian HDPE

Piedimonte’s Supermarket in North Fitzroy is smashing the stigma that sustainable products can be sub-par by being the first supermarket to have Australian made shopping trolleys manufactured from 100% recycled Australian HDPE.

The plastic parts can be made in any colour to match your brand

So what makes our trolleys so sustainable?

  • All HDPE components are made from 100% recycled FDA approved Australian HDPE

  • All plastic components are made here in Australia, with full assembly in house

  • Significant amounts of water and energy are saved by recycling material instead of using virgin material

  • Manufacturing plastic is far less energy intensive than steel, saving energy and reducing emissions

  • Local manufacturing supports local jobs and ethical work conditions

  • Local manufacturing and material supply slashes our carbon emissions from transport

Not only are our trolleys good for the environment, they’re top performers too. Our trolleys adhere to stringent Australian and European standards and bring a raft of innovative features to the market. Not only do you get a trolley that’s better for the environment, you get a great trolley.

Not only are they better for the environment, the Hybrid trolleys look fantastic with sweeping organic curves and two-tone effect through contrasting materials

Get in touch to find out more about this great initiative and how you can be part of the solution.