Why Hybrid?

Our hybrid shopping trolleys combine the strength of a steel chassis with a lightweight, custom coloured basket to create a trolley of unparalleled performance.

Supercart Hybrid Shopping Trolley Features Graphic


The plastic components of our hybrid trolleys are made from Australian recycled plastic – there’s at least 66 and 152 2L milk bottles in our Mini and Mid sized trolleys respectively which is equivalent to 3 tons of plastic diverted for every 1,000 Mini trolleys and 7 tons for every 1,000 Mid trolleys.

Supercart Australia sustainability infographic based on Swinburne University study


Hybrid shopping trolleys are significantly lighter than traditional steel trolleys by as much as 40%, making them a delight to use for shoppers and trolley collectors alike. Female and elderly shopper demographics in particular find the weight reduction very appealing, with less weight in the trolley encouraging more shopping in the basket!

Stylish Design & Corporate Branding

Plastic allows us to make stylish forms and mould them in any colour to match your brand. Colours are UV stable and guaranteed to 5 years or more.

Supercart Mini Hybrid Shopping Trolley shown in a supermarket

Strong & Durable

Our steel chassis provides rigidity and a smooth ride whilst the plastic basket simply bounces back into its original shape after an impact. With less steel comes less rust which is great for outdoor trolley bays and seaside locations.

Soft & Gentle

The springy plastic basket and softer plastic parts are far more forgiving on shoppers, store fixtures and parked cars in the event of a collision.


The absence of metal-on-metal means no more rattling and clattering, instead our trolleys glide peacefully through the aisles.