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Our Hybrid Trolleys offer the best of both plastic and steel.

polymer Components


Our baskets and polymer components are manufactured from recycled plastic (2L milk bottles/drink bottles). Every 1,000 Mini-Hybrid shopping trolley and Mid-Size hybrid shopping trolley, removes in excess of 74,000 and 152,000 used 2L milk bottles respectively from the waste cycle (equivalent to around 3.4 ton and 7 ton of plastic respectively).

We use only the best masterbatch for UV protection and colour fastness to ensure no fading and maximum longevity of the hybrid shopping trolley and components. We are able to manufacture in any desired brand colours required.

The Chassis

The steel chassis is manufactured using a 12 stage coating system, with a Nexor Zinc plating process and MacDermid Tripass ELV 5200 Zinc passivation.

Our features and benefits, combined with competitive pricing, enable retailers to achieve maximum value from our Hybrid shopping trolleys. Benefits and features are as follows:

Modern design and clear market differentiator

The contemporary design and aesthetics of our hybrid trolleys have ensured that they meet modern designs and standards. Their sleek designs together with their strong sustainability qualities, will definitely make a statement about retailers' stores and set them apart from the competition, providing a distinct differentiation.

Corporate colour branding

The variety of colours on offer allows retailers to match their trolley fleet to their own corporate colours. Retailers can clearly display their logo, enhancing brand recognition and establishes awareness. Furthermore it reduces trolley theft and projects a strong corporate store identity. Colours are UV stable and guaranteed to last in excess of five years. An array of colours are available, with prominent branding capabilities not possible with trolleys that are constructed from steel.

No wobbling, jamming and very quiet

Smooth, easy moving wheels help to minimise customer frustration levels. Hybrid shopping trolleys move much more quietly and are a pleasure for customers to use. Shoppers can manoeuvre, turn, nest and de-nest trolleys easily. Hybrid shopping trolleys do not jam when nested and can be separated using a single finger. This creates a positive first and lasting impression.

Increased sales

Customers tend to use the new hybrid shopping trolleys in favour of hand baskets. Furthermore shoppers enjoy the hybrid shopping experience so much that they continue to shop for longer.

REDuced loss and theft

Our range of hybrid shopping trolleys are less likely to be lost or stolen due to their visibility and brand prominence.

People friendly

The baby seat on the Mid-Size Hybrid shopping trolley is warmer and offers more comfort for toddlers than metal trolleys. The polymer components are also a poor conductor of heat, resulting in the hybrid shopping trolleys being much more cooler to the touch than steel trolleys, when left out in the hot sun.

Due to the lighter construction and design of our hybrid shopping trolleys (being 30% to 40% lighter than the imported steel trolleys), the manual handling risks associated with trolley collection and handling as well as for musculoskeletal injuries being incurred are significantly reduced.

Clean and Green

Polymer components will not rust, can be easily cleaned, recycled and are therefore more environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Strong and safe

Our Hybrid shopping trolleys have been extensively tested and independently certified to comply with Australian and European standards.

Our range of hybrid shopping trolleys has one of the lowest weight to load carrying capacity ratios, compared to the imported shopping trolleys currently on the market.

Our hybrid shopping trolleys won’t bend, buckle or break like the imported steel trolleys are commonly susceptible to.

Reduced maintenance costs

Due to the hybrid shopping trolleys being much lighter, the mechanical loading on the four trolley wheels and castors will be significantly reduced, providing longer wheel life and a reduction in maintenance costs. Unique engineering improvements mean reduced maintenance and labour costs, with each component being easily replaceable for a minimum charge.


Our range of hybrid shopping trolleys are RFID ready and compliant with shop RFID systems.

quiet and durable wheels

Supercart products are fitted with Supercart’s superior 125 mm sealed precision ball bearing wheels, with the following features and benefits:

  • Sealed precision ball bearing;

  • Maintenance free;

  • Single insert moulded ball bearing;

  • Sturdy thread guards mount into the bearing & deflect dirt;

  • Thread guards will not wear out easily;

  • Silent & smooth operation;

  • Ease of assembly;

  • Rated at 80 kg load capacity per wheel – backed by rigorous outsourced tests in a quality controlled laboratory; and

  • Lower roll resistance.

Supercart RSA wheels.jpg