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International model shown with 2 fixed rear castors

International model shown with 2 fixed rear castors

The Mini Hybrid

The trend towards quick and convenient shopping has created the need for the Mini Hybrid, which is custom-designed for navigating shops the convenient way.

The Mini Hybrid brings shoppers the ultimate levels of convenience as well as offering all the same structural and aesthetic advantages as the Mid-Size Hybrid. It is light, compact, extremely quiet and easy to push, making it the perfect shopping companion.

The Mini Hybrid can also be combined with our Mid-Size Hybrid shopping trolleys to set your store apart from the competition and ensure a range of trolleys in store to heighten your customer's shopping experience.

Key Specification:

Height:                                              990 mm

Width:                                                545 mm

Length:                                              910 mm

Basket Capacity:                                90 litres

Nesting Distance:                             220 mm

10 trolleys nested:                          2890 mm

Weight:                                                 13 kg