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International model shown with 2 fixed rear castors

International model shown with 2 fixed rear castors

The Mid-Size Hybrid

The Mid-Size Hybrid offers the best of both plastic and steel, and boasts premium quality finishes. With beautiful styling, robust engineering & low maintenance The Mid-Size Hybrid will be a great investment for your business.

Aesthetically pleasing, extremely quiet and incredibly durable, the Mid-Size Hybrid sets your store apart from the competition while offering the best shopping experience for your customers and is ideal for mid-month shopping.

The Mid-Size Hybrid accompanies our Mini Hybrid shopping trolleys to offer your customers the choice of premium trolleys to satisfy their shopping experience and keep them in store for longer.

Key Specification:

Height:                                               1003 mm

Width:                                                  590 mm

Length:                                              1120 mm

Basket Capacity:                                180 litres

Nesting Distance:                              250 mm

10 trolleys nested:                            3370 mm

Weight:                                                   18 kg