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Increase your customer's basket spend with the ultra-modern Superbasket. With 30 litres of capacity, the Superbasket weighs just 985 grams, making it the perfect solution for a smaller shop. Its dimensions are 456 mm (length) x 343 mm (width at handle) x 290 mm (height), enabling it to accommodate multiple items with ease.

The Superbasket’s longitudinal handle makes shopping more comfortable. They nest beautifully, with no jamming as is common the case with other hand baskets. It is compatible with most existing basket trolleys, as well as with all competitor basket stands.

Key Specifications:

Height:                                         290 mm

Width at handle:                          343 mm

Length:                                         456 mm

Basket capacity:                            30 litres

Nesting distance:                          40 mm

Weight:                                         985 g